Dr. Dirsko von Pfeil

   Dirsko von Pfeil,  Specialty Small Animal Surgeon   

     Dr. med. vet., DVM,  DACVS,  DECVS,   DACVSMR     

        ACVS Founding Fellow, Minimally Invasive           

            Surgery (Small Animal Orthopedics)                 

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Dirsko J.F. von Pfeil, Dr.med.vet, DVM, DACVS, DECVS, DACVSMR is the founder and owner of Small Animal Surgery Locum, PLLC, offering primarily orthopedic specialty surgery at private or academic surgical centers on part-time basis.

If you are in need of a small animal specialty relief surgeon, please use the email function on the contact page  -  see  top  menu.

Dr. von Pfeil is currently mainly affiliated with Sirius Veterinary Orthopedic Center in Omaha, NE and SAGE Veterinary Specialists of Alaska in Anchorage, AK. In addition, he serves as faculty for the AOVET North America (https://www.aona.org/#AONA=) and volunteers on review boards of multiple international veterinary surgical journals.


Dr. von Pfeil obtained his veterinary degree at the Free University of Berlin (2001), passed the American license (2006), and is board certified with the American College of Veterinary Surgeons (2008), the European College of Veterinary Surgery (2008), and the American College of Veterinary Sports Medicine and Rehabilitation (2016). He also achieved the designation of ACVS Founding Fellow, Minimally Invasive Surgery (Small Animal Ortho-pedics; 2021). In the past, he held positions as Assistant Professor at Kansas State, Adjunct Professor at Michigan State, Visiting Scientist at the University of Georgia, and as staff surgeon at several surgical specialty referral centers  in  Alaska,  Virginia,  and  Washington  DC.                       Dr. von Pfeil is a frequently invited speaker at national and international veterinary conferences and has given over 100 presentations on surgical topics, mainly orthopedics; he has made more than 60 contributions to the veterinary literature - a link to Dr. von Pfeil's research can be found here: